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4 Common Issues After Your Pet Returns Home From Boarding

March 17, 2019

When your pet goes into boarding, you are probably more concerned with how well she will cope while she is in there and haven't given much thought to what will happen when she returns home.

Nevertheless, it is important to prepare owners that their pet may be a little different during the first few days after you are reunited. There are a few things that may occur, and while these will typically settle down within 48 hours of being back in her usual environment, knowing what to expect can help prevent you from worrying unnecessarily.

Here are some of the most common issues you may face when your pet comes home from boarding with Valleydale Animal Clinic.

My pet may have an upset tummy

Diarrhea after boarding is a fairly common occurrence and doesn't necessarily mean that your pet has contracted stomach flu while he has been away on his furry vacation. In fact, stomach flu is a fairly rare problem since boarding facilities work so hard to ensure the cleanliness of their premises. If your pet has super soft bowel movements, it is likely to be simply a reaction to his excitement at being home with you and in an environment in which he feels truly comfortable. Nevertheless, if it doesn't stop within a couple of days it is still advisable to get him checked out by your usual veterinarian.

My pet is extremely clingy

If you have a dog you may be used to her wanting lots of attention, whereas cats tend to be much more solitary and only want interaction on their own terms. Irrespective of what type of animal your pet is, if you bring her home from boarding and she is acting very clingy, try not to worry. Again, she is probably just happy to see you and wants to spend as much time as possible around you. Once she has 'caught up' on her human time and feels more settled, she will probably go back to her usual level of interaction with you. However, one successful way of helping to counter dependent behavior is to go straight back into your usual routine immediately after returning home. Your pet will recognize this, and it will help her to relax much more quickly.

My pet seems particularly hungry

Has your pet come home from boarding with a ravenous appetite? Your first instinct may be to think that this means that he hasn't been fed while in boarding, but he will have been provided the food and portions agreed with the staff ahead of his stay. What tends to happen is that pets simply don't eat as much as usual when they are in unfamiliar territory. He will have eaten enough to sustain him, but this might not be the quantities that he would usually consume when at home. When he gets back, he may be playing catch up for a few days and eating more than normal.

My pet seems very lethargic and is sleeping a lot

If you have had a very active vacation, you might come home feeling happy but actually more tired than before you went away. The same can be said for your pet when they go into boarding. Staff at a great boarding facility will be committed to keeping Trixie's mind and body occupied so that she can't think about missing you, and she remains healthy and active. Many pets find that their sleep pattern changes when they go into boarding, and the increased stimulation can cause her to be more tired than normal. When she comes home, your pet may still be in her previous sleep pattern. She may also be worn out! If she still seems particularly lethargic after a few days, it is worth getting your vet to check her over just to make sure that there isn't any other underlying cause.

If you would like more information on what to expect after you bring your pet home from boarding, or if you would like to arrange an appointment to come and check out our quality boarding facility, please contact Valleydale Animal Clinic at (205) 236-1800.